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Updated June 2017
Cool stuff and personal whims

Digital photography
Don't even dream of buying a digital camera without visiting one of these sites.

dpreviewImaging ResourceCamera LabsDXO Mark

Time zone map________Internet speed

Time zone mapSpeedtest.net

RGB________________Photographers & Artists

Ship InnLensAirships_______________Grand canyon

Ship InnBright Angel

New Zealand_____________NASA TV


Traditional English Ropework
By my old friend Eric Johns whom I met in 1975 while crewing on the traditional horse-drawn narrow boat "Pamela". Watch for the forthcoming book about our historic travels and adventures through the length and longth of UK canals.


Stereo photography
What's missing in even the coolest pictures?

Slide shows
Hang up the white sheet and switch off the lights.

Watching America
How the foreign press views us - a refreshing alternative to network 'news'.

HDR photography
The ultimate digital camera - 32 bits per channel. 24 f-stops!

Color Blindness
Test yourself for color-blindness - it might explain a few things.

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